Overstock Simmons Beautyrest Legend McFarland 15.3" Firm Mattress
Overstock Simmons Beautyrest Legend McFarland 15.3" Firm Mattress
Overstock Simmons Beautyrest Legend McFarland 15.3" Firm Mattress

Overstock Simmons Beautyrest Legend McFarland 15.3" Firm Mattress

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Key Features -

  • Cool Foam
  • Dual Cool Technology Memory Foam
  • Layer of Latex for Added Durability
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Responsive Support
  • Two Layers of Coils 
  • Individually Pocked Coils
  • Micro Coils for Unique Cushiony Feel
  • Compatible with All Adjustable Bases

Keeping You Cool, Cushioned and Supported While You Sleep - The Overstock Simmons Beautyrest Legend McFarland Firm Mattress

Firm mattresses don’t have to be all support and no softness, and nowhere is this more apparent than with the Overstock Beautyrest Legend McFarland Firm. This mattress manages to cater to firm-mattress fans without alienating sleepers who want some conformability while they sleep as well. The Overstock McFarland mattress is designed to help keep you cool, cushioned, and supported while you sleep with a mix of new technology and tried-and-true materials.

Designed to provide the firm feel that many back and stomach sleepers crave. The Overstock McFarland does feature several layers of memory foam, but it’s designed to make sleepers feel afloat rather than like they’re sinking too deep into the mattress. Two cooling memory foams—cool foam and dual cool technology memory foam—help conduct heat away from you’re the surface of the mattress as you sleep, while providing support with a touch of cushioning. The Overstock Beautyrest McFarland firm also features a layer of latex foam for added durability, temperature regulation, and responsive support.

Beneath the Overstock McFarland Firm mattress’s wealth of foam, two layers of coils give it a responsive feel. Individually Pocketed Coil Technology ensures that the Overstock McFarland limits motion transfer for sleepers who move around a lot. A layer of micro coils adds a unique cushiony feel without compromising durability or support. This mattress will offer you a luxury experience while getting the support and comfort you need for a restful night sleep.


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