Our Warranty



Overstock Sleep strives to provide top-quality overstock mattresses. Each mattress is carefully inspected by our team of experts to ensure you receive the highest level of satisfaction possible. Rest easy knowing your purchase is covered by our Overstock Sleep Limited 5 Year Warranty. Below are a few tips to ensure your mattress is properly cared for and covered under our Overstock Sleep Limited 5 Year Warranty.

All warranties are subject to the discretion of the OverStock Sleep team.


  1. Supportive Frame

A supportive frame is crucial to ensuring the longevity of your new mattress. A frame with a rigid center support is required in full, queen and king size.

In full and queen sizes, the following options meet warranty requirements:

  1. Using a frame with a strong center support and a center leg that reaches the floor
  2. Using bed rails and supportive bed slats
  3. Using a solid platform
  4. Using a bed base with three rigid steel cross supports

All king size sets should be placed on a frame or bed rails that feature a rigid center rail and six legs that reach the floor to maintain the warranty.

  1. Comfort Guarantee

Please review our 100 Night Guarantee tab for details on our 100 Night Comfort Guarantee.

  1. Mattress Thickness & Height

Modern mattress manufacturing techniques have produced mattresses in a range of comfort and style choices that is unequaled in human history. Many of today’s new sets are considerably taller than mattresses manufactured only a few years ago. Before purchasing a mattress, make certain that the mattress and/or set you choose is not too tall for your frame and/or headboard. 

  1. Mattress Appropriateness

Feel free to reach out to us and we would be more than happy to assess your needs and suggest a specific model appropriate for you. Because of standardized construction techniques, sets will experience differing wear and break-in patterns when used simultaneously by two sleepers sharing the bed who are of different weights and heights. This is normal. More frequent turning of the mattress may be necessary so that wear and break-in patterns even out. 

  1. Dos and Don’ts

DO use the correct frame.

DO use a mattress pad to protect your investment.

DO buy a Queen or King if the set will be used by a couple.

DO keep your receipt.

DO NOT allow children to jump on the bed.

DO NOT stand on, bend, or fold, your set. Doing so may cause permanent damage.

DO NOT smoke in bed or expose your mattress to open flame. Doing so is dangerous!

DO NOT use handles to flip your mattress. Handles are for positioning only.

DO NOT Iron on your bed. Doing so can damage the ticking and cushioning materials.

  1. Body Impressions

Body impressions are normal in quality bedding. The materials used in the construction of your mattress are designed to provide varying levels of firmness, support and comfort. As a general rule, the softer and thicker the mattress is, the more likely it will develop body impressions. These are normal and should be expected. They are not a structural defect. They are a sign that the mattress is conforming to the contours of your body.

  1. Initiating a Warranty Claim

If you believe your mattress and/or box spring has developed a problem which is covered by this warranty, please contact us via email at support@overstocksleep.com with your name, order number and photos of the piece and defect. Should we determine that your claim is valid, at our option, Overstock Sleep will repair or replace any structurally defective materials. Costs and arrangement of shipping of the set to and from the Overstock Sleep facility are entirely the responsibility of the end consumer.

The mattresses we provide are not covered by the manufacturer warranty. The 5 Year Limited Warranty is offered by Overstock Sleep.

Please contact us at support@overstocksleep.com for any Overstock Sleep Limited 5 Year Warranty questions or concerns.

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