Sleeptronic Cosmic Sensation All Foam Pillow Top Mattress
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Sleeptronic Cosmic Sensation All Foam Pillow Top Mattress

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Composed of Luxurious Layers - The Sleeptronic Cosmic Sensation All Foam Pillow Top Mattress

All Sleeptronic mattresses are proudly and strategically hand built in Fort Worth, Texas composed of state of the art technology to ensure you receive the best nights rest. The 14" Cosmic Sensation All Foam Pillow Top mattress features 1/2" Gel Latex and 2" PostureGel Gel Visco providing top quality comfort and support. 

All PostureGel® mattresses include gel-Infused visco-elastic polyfoams in their comfort and support layers. PostureGel® Gel Visco foam relieves pressure points while pulling heat away from the sleeper’s body.

    Each of these luxurious layers is designed to cushion and cradle the sleeper while providing correct spinal alignment and support. The pressure relieving properties of these layers deliver deep, restful sleep by assuring comfortable support in the hip and shoulder areas.

    Spacer fabric is a specialized three-dimensional textile that uniquely facilitates air flow, breathability and lightweight shape support. Mattress borders made from Spacer fabric are featured on six of seven PostureGel® models. Breathable spacer fabric borders promote dissipation of heat and encourage that fresh mattress feeling that results from air circulation.


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